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Log-O'-Life Baby Book 1939 Unused

Log-O'-Life Baby Book 1939 Unused

Unused 'baby' book from 1939.  This gem allows a parent to chronicle the life of their child from birth to  marriage and beyond.  136 pages including an index so you'll have easy access to finding the page for diplomas (all the way to Ph.D),  college witticisms, citations of any acts of heroism performed in their lifetime, high school, college and foreign friends, marriage license, and infectious disease record, as well as the ordinary childhood milestones.  This is a very thorough log book.   A little intense, but charming nonetheless.  


This has been in storage for 80 yrs.  It does come in original box.  Pages are yellowing slightly, but are not brittle.  I'm sure it will last another 80 years!

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